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Partner Link
8x8 8x8 Privacy Policy
8x8 Terms and Conditions
8x8 VoIP Business Phone Systems
Abnormal Abnormal Terms of Use
Adobe Adobe End User License Agreement
Apple Apple Software License Agreements
Atlassian Atlassian Customer Agreement
Autodesk Autodesk Legal notices
Amazon Web Services | AWS AWS Customer Agreement
Azul Systems Azul Software Agreement
Barracuda Barracuda Legal Terms and Conditions
Box Box Service Agreement
Broadcom Broadcom License and Service Terms & Repository
Cisco Cisco Software and Cloud Services Terms
Citrix Citrix End-User License Agreement
Claroty Ltd Claroty End User License Agreement
Cloudbees CloudBees Software Subscription Agreement
Subscription Agreement
commvault Commvault End User License and Limited Warranty Agreement
CyberArk CyberArk EULA
Dell Dell Terms
Dell EMC Terms
Dell Software Terms
Docusign Docusign Privacy Policy
DocuSign Master Services Agreement for Resell Customers
Fortinet Fortinet Service Terms & Conditions
Fortinet EULA.pdf
Fortinet End User License Agreements | FortiCASB 23.3.a
Gitlab BV Gitlab Terms of Use
Hashicorp Hashicorp EULA (On-premise Products)
Hashicorp EULA (Cloud Products)
Hashicorp Product Terms
Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE HPE end user license agreement
HP HP End-User License Agreement
IBM Licence Terms
Machine Code Terms
IBM Machines warranty
Lenovo Lenovo License Agreement
Microsoft Supplemental Terms and Conditions Relating to Azure Billing
Mimecast Mimecast contracts
Nerdio Nerdio Policies and Legal
Palo Alto Palo Alto Networks legal agreements
Proofpoint Proofpoint Customer Agreement
Red Hat Red Hat Enterprise Agreements and Product Appendices
Sophos Sophos End User Terms of Use For Managed Services, additional terms in the applicable service description also apply
Sophos Compromise Assessment — Service Description
Sophos Managed Detection and Response — Service Description
Sophos MDR Complete Breach Protection Warranty
Sophos MDR Complete - MSP Breach Protection Warranty
Sophos Rapid Response — Service Description
Sophos Incident Response Retainer — Service Description
Sophos Hardware Terms
Sophos Consumer Terms of Service
Sophos Professional Services Terms and Conditions
Sophos End User License Agreement
Sophos Services Agreement
Tableau Order Form Supplement for Tableau Online and Tableau Software
Thales Thales Data Protection On Demand (DPoD) Terms of Service
Trellix Trellix End-User License Agreement
Trend Micro Trend Micro Global Business Software and Appliance Agreement (English)
Terms of Service for Trend Micro Cloud Services (English)
Trend Micro Consumer End User License Agreement (English)
Trend Micro Free Tools Terms and Conditions (English)
Veeam Veeam End User License Agreement (EULA)
Veritas Veritas Eligibility Export Restrictions
VMware One VMware One Contract Center
Wasabi Wasabi Technologies Customer Agreement