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Our managed IT services support your fundamental operations and systems.

Partnering with Insight gives your IT department more time to focus on driving growth, plus we’ll create new efficiencies, lower costs, accelerate operations and more. Explore how our managed IT services can support your infrastructure, productivity tools and endpoints.

Our managed IT services

From the foundational infrastructure to the endpoints and everything in between, we leverage proven methodologies and deep vendor relationships to ensure your day-to-day operations run smooth.

Data, cloud and infrastructure

As a Service

  • Transition to pay-as-you-go pricing.
  • Improve your ability to scale up or down based on business need.
  • Simplify management while increasing control over IT resources.
  • Create an easy adoption path to innovative technology, including the cloud.

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Insight Cloud Care

  • Purchase AWS, Azure, Microsoft 365, Google Cloud and Google Workspace through Insight.
  • Receive best practice recommendations in the areas of spend management, adoption and security.
  • Improve cost controls with detailed usage analytics.
  • Use Insight’s Cloud Commerce Platform to self-help for procurement.
  • 24/7/365 break-fix technical support is included for Azure and Microsoft 365, available as an add-on for AWS and Google Cloud.

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Data center consolidation services

  • Reduce real estate requirements and total cost of ownership.
  • Improve efficiency and automate existing processes.
  • Minimize disruptions and ensure business continuity.
  • Align workloads to best-fit infrastructure platforms.

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Hybrid cloud as a service

  • Access hybrid cloud solutions as a service from Cisco+.
  • Align infrastructure services to your needs.
  • Manage cloud risk and business uncertainty.
  • Enable flexibility while optimizing spend.

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Managed adoption

  • Simplify Office 365® training, communication and adoption.
  • Use a training platform that sends communications, hosts guides and provides engagement metrics.
  • Reduce support costs and free IT resources.
  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction with Office 365.

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Managed backup

  • Modernize your data protection strategy and optimize recovery times.
  • Align data and applications to best-fit platforms — on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Leverage 24/7/365 data monitoring and support.
  • Minimize costs and capital expenses by transitioning to operational expenses.

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Managed cloud

  • Improve workload performance, security and resiliency.
  • Accelerate your modernization and cloud adoption.
  • Increase IT resource cost-effectiveness.
  • Deliver operational efficiencies that free staff to focus on innovation.

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Insight Managed Cloud Services

  • Improve cloud operations with a fully managed Azure cloud solution.
  • Reduce IT burden and refocus time and resources for innovation.
  • Choose support for Azure Platform, Platform and Operating Systems, or Platform, Operating Systems and Database.
  • Benefit from monitoring, management, security and optimization in a simple pricing model.

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Managed services for IBM

  • Ensure your IBM® assets perform at their best.
  • Simplify adoption of IBM Cloud, disaster recovery and management.
  • Leverage our expertise as an IBM Platinum Business Partner.

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Storage as a Service (STaaS)

  • Enhance backup and recovery performance.
  • Reduce storage footprint with modern platforms.
  • Improve data security and resiliency.
  • Support artificial intelligence, machine learning and DevOps adoption.

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Network and security

Healthcare Security Services

  • Protect patient health information and privacy.
  • Improve risk management processes and analysis.
  • Improve operational maturity and resilience.
  • Meet HIPAA and HITECH regulations.

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Managed Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

  • Simplify your security management with proven tools and outside expertise.
  • Gain complete visibility of your IT environment.
  • Respond quickly and effectively to advanced threats.
  • Adopt a governance framework.

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Managed SD-WAN

  • Support for your Cisco® or Meraki SD-WAN environment.
  • Increase visibility and system integrity.
  • Improve end-user experience and overall productivity.
  • Ensure fast incident response while reducing unnecessary alerts.

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Managed security

  • Adopt a fully orchestrated security solution with 24/7/365 support.
  • Accelerate scale across security and compliance operations.
  • Improve threat detection and protection.
  • Access vulnerability reports through comprehensive dashboards.

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Security for compliance

  • Support and implement Microsoft 365 Security tools.
  • Improve security posture while streamlining security operations.
  • Eliminate redundant security tools across your environment.
  • Provide end-user security training through simulations and awareness campaigns.

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Services for Microsoft Sentinel

  • Assess your security strengths, gaps and opportunities.
  • Adopt and maximize the value of Microsoft Sentinel.
  • Strengthen and simplify your security environment.
  • Improve incident response with built-in orchestration and automation.

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Managed Office 365

  • Improve end-user adoption and support.
  • Maximize return on investment for each Microsoft license.
  • Refocus IT teams on innovative projects.
  • Leverage consistent feedback loops based on analysis and expert guidance.

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Workplace services

  • Provide fast, reliable end-user support 24/7/365.
  • Offer one-to-one live support and self-service options.
  • Reduce end-user support costs with self-service options.
  • Improve end-user productivity with fast hardware replacement.

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Managed collaboration

  • Consolidate voice, video, messaging and document-sharing capabilities.
  • Increase security and access controls.
  • Improve system uptime and resiliency.
  • Reduce costs and minimize management complexities.

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Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS)

  • Centralize your communication system to improve efficiency and agility.
  • Support hybrid and remote workforce expansion.
  • Enhance security, scalability and flexibility.
  • Simplify management and free internal resources.

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Contact Center as a Solution (CCaaS)

  • Support your contact center with the right mix of solutions and managed services.
  • Improve productivity and strengthen the customer experience.
  • Reduce customer support costs.
  • Ensure regulatory compliance and contact center reliability.

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Endpoints and end-user support

Managed deployment

  • Facilitate end-to-end technology refreshes from site survey and analysis to end-user support.
  • Improve coordination and quality assurance with a dedicated project manager.
  • Complete a multi-site rollout of any size and complexity level.
  • Maintain your pre-planned budget.

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Managed Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • Support employee productivity anywhere, anytime from any device.
  • Provide a consistent and secure end-user experience.
  • Simplify device budget complexity with monthly billing.
  • Adopt bring your own device policies.

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Managed Endpoint

  • Get end-to-end support for your PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices.
  • Modernize and administer your endpoint management solution.
  • Optimize device performance to ensure employee satisfaction.
  • Maximize return on investment of your licenses and infrastructure.

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Device as a Service (DaaS)

  • Choose the right device and lifecycle services mix for your device ecosystem.
  • Modernize your IT management strategy and improve employee satisfaction.
  • Increase employee productivity and minimize downtime.
  • Control procurement and maintenance costs.

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Why Insight for managed IT services?

As an extension of your team, we work with you to gain deep understanding of both your technology issues and business drivers. You’ll benefit from a single point of contact spanning multiple vendors, product lines and solutions.

Our teams:

Manage 10,000+ assets for 1,000+ client locations across 6 continents

Operate 3 geographically dispersed support centers 24/7

Have access to 200+ certified IT engineers & field support technicians

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Comprehensive data center management

Your infrastructure powers your business, but keeping the data center running smoothly can prevent IT teams from tackling strategic initiatives. When you hand data center management responsibilities over to our experts, we streamline operations, reduce cost and improve service levels.

Our end-to-end services span compute and storage, private and hybrid environments, converged and hyperconverged infrastructure, and technology as a service.

We deliver compliant, secure connectivity.

Digital transformation can put a heavy load on your networks and cybersecurity systems. We’ll help you maintain an efficient and protected environment with our capabilities around:

✔ Wired and wireless networks

✔ Software-defined networking

✔ Voice and

✔ Next-generation

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Managed IT services for your cloud environment

The cloud is a catalyst for growth and new opportunities for IT transformation. Choosing the right cloud strategy unlocks the potential for innovation and meaningful business outcomes.

Your business can’t afford to wait — but it also can’t afford to migrate recklessly. A poorly managed cloud migration can disrupt business, put data at risk and break the budget. Our managed cloud services help you migrate smarter, so you can get the benefits of the cloud without the risks.

Gain flexibility
with IaaS and PaaS.

Private Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) can be ideal solutions for organizations bridging the gap between on-premises and public cloud infrastructure. When undertaking an IT transformation or looking to increase scalability, IaaS and PaaS offer multiple configuration options to suit your needs.

You’ll get:

  • CapEx pricing: Pay for capacity when you need it, billed on average usage.
  • Managed services: Access experienced resources to monitor and manage your ecosystem.
  • Single contract: A solution under one contract simplifies procurement and support.
  • Reduced risk: Early termination offers options as business requirements change.

We’ll quickly fill gaps in your workforce.

Hiring key IT positions is critical to keeping your operations running at full speed. And finding the right candidate can make all the difference. That’s where we come in.


We recommend only high-quality candidates sourced from our pool of current residents, past residents and talent acquisition resources.


All applicants undergo a rigorous screening process — including multiple interviews, talent evaluations and a personality assessment — to ensure expertise.


You’re not alone in the hiring process. We support you with in-depth candidate profiles, skill comparisons, interview scheduling and onboarding.

Streamline your IT with Insight managed services.

From your infrastructure to your endpoints, we’ll help you manage day-to-day operations.


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